Premio Federico Maggia 2015

Fondazione Sella o.n.l.u.s.


The Prize had it's national debut in 2013 and aims to pave the road for young architects in their career choice. When joining the project for it's second national edition we, first of all, created content (explained the projects from the previus edition, took interviews of 2013 participants, created a news section and a news media section with all available information) made the website responsive, improved the SEO, took care of all the incoming questions, preparing the CVs for the jury and accomodations for the participants. From taking measurements to getting our hands dirty together with the architects we were available day and night to create a comfortable environment for them. We also took video interviews of the participants explaining in their own words the meaning and story behind the projects so that nothing would get lost in the interpretation.

  • Client: Fondazione Sella o.n.l.u.s.
  • Status: Completed
  • Year: 2015
  • Website:
  • Skills: PHP, HTML, JS, CSS, Photo editing, Video editing, Organization